The meteoric rise of the experience industry meets a global pandemic​.

The experience industry hit a rapid, exponential, growth market from 2012-2020. As consumers flocked to branded activations for free product and open bars, corporations capitalized on the insatiable appetite for the consumer experience. 


With nearly the entire industry eviscerated by COVID-19 shut-downs, a need to reinvent while embracing digital-first technologies, democratizing production, and adopting versatile business models has come to the forefront. 



Dated art culture and the digital revolution​.

The art industry remains in stalemate with brick and mortar spaces housing primarily traditional works of sculpture, painting, and photography. 


This excludes a new and vast market of virtual, digital, and immersive art – all of which are yearning for a space to have their work known and enjoyed.  


Covid-19 has fostered a digital acceleration that has pushed 2030 innovation into 2021. Art and entertainment industries are re-evaluating and looking for future forward solutions to excite their audiences. 




According to BAFTA, a single hour of television produced in the U.K.—fiction or nonfiction—produces 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s nearly as much CO2 as the average American generates in a year. 


While the consumer may be unconscious of commercial production having an environmental impact of this enormity, the pandemic has put sustainability into sharp focus and it’s only a matter of time before both the consumer and the government pressure the industry to adopt more ethical practices.

Ethics and the future of commercial production​.


Can we be ethical, sophisticated, and innovative while simultaneously revolutionizing the way we approach creative outputs and consumer culture?



Mecha is built with the prestige of an industrial warehouse and the charm of a post-modern art installation.

Instead of a traditional cyc wall or white wall build, we have replaced every wall plank with built-in LED paneling creating a responsive LED cube. This lets us control the entirety of the space with pixel perfection. 


Through plugins and software such as Unreal Engine, the studio provides a space that can transform into virtually anything, and accomodate every form of digital art. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 2.39.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 6.54.03 PM.png


Immersive Art Shows

During pre-established hours, Mecha is host to ongoing and evergreen digital art exhibitions. Tickets are available to purchase online or at the door. 


Guest will be able to sit in exhibition slots for up to 60 minutes at a time. The studio is treated as a revolving door museum, with consistent foot traffic throughout the day. Digital art creation is increasing rapidly. By creating a brick and mortar space specifically tailored for digital art, Mecha establishes itself as the go-to vendor for all things; marrying the physical and digital world.   

unnamed (3).jpg


Private Venue Reservations

Mecha is available for hourly and daily rentals to the general public. 


The space can be utilized in various ways such as launch parties, album releases, interactive karaoke, film screenings, catered dinners, or company stand-ups. Custom or owned content can be tailored for viewing and guest will have the option to provide catering and/or alcohol. 

The space will ultimately have the spirit of the local community embedded into it’s DNA.




ENTITY is a metaphysical space built by visual artist Oscar Zabala. The virtual building hosts audio / visual installations, performances, and immersive experiences. The architecture of the building works as a capsule or canvas to be filled with curated works.  The project’s greatest ambition is an ongoing exploration of virtual spaces and their potential to create trance-like, non-ordinary states of consciousness. 


The first installation ( Entity#001 ) features a live dj performance by Ana B for Refraction Festival.

Scalable & Responsive

We are able to operate as a small space, a museum, or a sound stage – and many things in between. This creates a prosperous business model. 

Virtual Production is the Future

Virtual production is the future of television, film-making, and commercial campaigns completely. Clients are able to shoot multiple locations all in the same space; saving both money and the environment by eliminating the need to travel.  

Our New Normal

With the unpredictability of Covid–19 shut downs, vaccination timelines and evolving policies; Mecha has a transcendent operating model that is able to adapt to an ever-changing environment in size and programming.

Digital Renaissance 

Digital art is having a boom moment, with the crypto art market exploding and one artist selling a digital art piece for $69 million in March of 2021.


By combining a B2B approach with a B2C we maximize the financial potential with opportunities for a constant state of income. 


Traditionally mundane hours of studio life are transformed into revolving door gallery hours and the space is completly closed when otherwised booked or reserved. 


Booking the space hourly or daily allows for us to cater to different budgets and democratize studio production. This allows us to tap into independent brands who traditionally don’t have the budget for these types of settings while also remaining available for larger corporate budgets. 


Virtual Production Capacity

Mecha is built to harness the full power of a virtual production set with the ability for clients to book the space hourly or daily. 


Virtual production can accommodate commercial campaigns, feature films, television, and content creation. The ability to control every micro aspect of a production such as time of day, lighting, and location make virtual production extremely lucrative to corporate brands and independent creators alike. 


The Grammys, Balmain’s FW21 Presentation, and television shows such as The Mandalorian and Westworld are some of the most recent to use this technology.